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  1. sgrinalds

    Just purchased this WD 4tb drive on Ebay. I've never seen a SATA /Power connector like this. Where c

    Anyone know what this interface is called or where I can find an adapter.
  2. sgrinalds

    16gb showing up in About Mac, Sys. Info, but not activ. mon

    Hey Yall, So i just upgraded my Mighty Hack Mini from 2x4gb(8gb) sticks to 2x8gb(16gb). The 16bg is showing up in my about mac and in my system info, but when i look at my activity monitor it's only using 8gb. I've tried to reseat the ram and made sure its plugged in properly, and it works...
  3. sgrinalds

    My CustoMac Mini in a G4 Mac Cube

    Hey Guys, Over the last year I have fallen in love with the design of the G4 cube. I spent the last couple months reading articles of people putting Mini ITX mobos in cubes, so i started making measurements and picking parts. I wasn't able to come up with a configuration that I really liked, as...
  4. sgrinalds

    Getting Boot0:error after installing on (2) SSDs in Raid 0

    Hello, I recently decided that my 40gb SSD was not big enough for my boot disk, so i bought another identical one and set them to Raid0 in Disk Utility. Everything has gone to plan, and I had no issues installing osx of retail, upgrading to 10.6.7 and installing Multibeast, but I can not get my...
  5. sgrinalds

    Could I boot off 2x500gb HD's in Raid 0 + 1 off 2tb partion?

    I'm looking to put 2x500gb HD's 7200rpm in Raid 0+1 with the mirror image on a partition in my 2tb HD. Currently I am running a 40gb Intel SSD, but looking to install logic and reason, which must be installed on boot drive, before support files can be moved else where. I have 2 500gb 7200rpm...
  6. sgrinalds

    Looking for a 120mm SLIM (12mm) PWM Case fan, Ideas?

    I'm looking to replace the stock Corsair h50 fan in my Lian Li Q-08 with 2 slim (12mm) fans in push pull around the radiator of the h50. I found the older scythe SY1212SL12SL and could buy it for one of the fans, but i'd really like to have one of the fans PWM. Any one know of a 120mm Slim PWM fan?
  7. sgrinalds

    What technical languages/ programs should I learn?

    After great success on this site during my lastest (5th) Hackintosh build, I have decided to use this site as my main source of research and input. I love the work and dedication that tonymac, MacMan, and so many others have continuously put into this site and programs. I feel that I have a...
  8. sgrinalds

    Only detecting 4gb out of 8gb installed, help - with screens

    Hello, I am currently running 10.6.7 on a build very similar to tonymac's Mini ITx build with the exception of i7 860, 9800gtx, and 8gb ram. Everything is working fine, with the exception that it only displays that 4gb of ram are installed and that 4gb often gets maxed out and slows down the...