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  1. Lundli

    macOS 10.13.4 Security update 2018-001

    Changes buildnumber to 17E202 but patching the Nvidia webdriver still works, otherwise everything went well with the update.
  2. Lundli

    Todays iMac Graphics Update

    Anyone installed this? Is it safe? :) When using OS X v10.10.3, opening certain very large JPEG images might cause your iMac to restart and display an error message. If you're using using OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 and one of the following iMac models, viewing certain very large JPEG...
  3. Lundli

    Memory issues

    I have been running Yosemite for some time now with my memory running at 2400, then today I updated my bios from F10 to F11. Loaded optimized defaults, and made the changes that I had made before and.. Yosemite won't boot. No kp, no error, just nothing.. it starts to boot and then hangs after...