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  1. boltun

    Working Catalina on GA-H77n-wifi, intel HD4000 graphics, Dell DW1515 wifi card

    if this would be of help to anyone still using GA-H77n-wifi gigabyte mini ATX My computer use if for basic stuff only have been on high Sierra(dual boot with Win 10 on single SSD) for a few years, had problems with Mojave and gave up. Tried a few Catalina fresh installs/update from high Sierra...
  2. boltun

    Is 200w enough for this build

    Is 200w PSU enough for this i5 3570k bundle Z77N wifi i5 3570k 2.5 inch HD + 2.5 inch SSD May use an External slim DVD/Blu ray drive once in a while. Plan to use case - Black e-Mini K3 E-K3 mini-ITX -...
  3. boltun

    Is 200w enough for this build

    Mods delete please Mods delete please