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  1. jaraheel

    TP-Link T9E

    Hi all, I bought and installed a TP-Link T9E. I already have a Netgear Nighthawk A7000 USB adapter for my WiFi. The speeds with the two are so different, with the T9E posting less than half the speed of the A7000. I have browsed through the topic of T9E being slow, and I have tried all the...
  2. jaraheel

    Dominus Extreme + W-3175x

    Can one build a hackintosh using the Asus' Dominus Extreme (built around C621 chipset) motherboard paired with a w-3175x CPU?
  3. jaraheel

    Problems booting after BIOS update

    Hi all, I have a Rampage VI Extreme, and I just updated the BIOS to 1603. It turns out that now I have difficulty booting. The system gets into random kernel panics, and posts a ton of the following: TIMEOUT numcmd=1,sent=1,received=0 And when it finally boots, there is no USB device...
  4. jaraheel

    Solved > what is the cause of this kernel panic

    Hello everyone, I got a kernel panic, and below is the report of it. Can someone please tell me what caused it, and so how to remedy it? Anonymous UUID: 49277A94-315B-6B7B-4492-48BB2BBA79F5 Fri Mar 16 02:49:15 2018 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 29 caller 0xffffff8004b6e349): Kernel...
  5. jaraheel

    problems with graphics on high sierra

    I just managed to get a stable hackintosh on my machine. I have a GTX 1080 Ti, and a GTX 1050 Ti. I have installed the nVidia's web driver (ver. 159). I use the 1080 Ti mostly, but the 1050 Ti has the same problem (I do not have both GPUs installed at the same time, rather a friend wants to buy...
  6. jaraheel

    High Sierra with Rampage VI Extreme, 7980XE

    Hi all, Has any one been able to successfully create an HS hackintosh with Rampage VI Extreme and 7980XE? I am trying to install HS on my machine with no luck for the past few days now.
  7. jaraheel

    headphone amplifier

    Hi everyone! Is there a way to get the headphone amplifier on Asus' Rampage V Extreme to work with Yosemite?
  8. jaraheel

    is 2699v3 hackintoshable?

    I just got a xeon 2699 v3 CPU, and wanna make a hackintosh. Is it possible to do so with a rampage v extreme? If so, should I follow the installation guide for x99?
  9. jaraheel

    r9 280x compatiblity

    Hi all, I have an Asus Rampage IV Black, 4930k, and Sapphire r9 280x. I am having trouble booting booting into OSX if I connect my monitor via displayport. It boots fine if I connect via HDMI, but the resolution of my Dell U2711 is limited to 1080p on HDMI. Further, video files don't work...
  10. jaraheel

    problems with audio after new GPU

    Hi, I swapped my GPU for a Gigabyte HD7970 - And all of a sudden now the onboard audio on my Rampage IV Black is intermittent. I can stream via airplay but it still is very intermittent. Headphones or speakers connected to onboard sound doesn't work at all. Please help!
  11. jaraheel

    bluetooth randomly stopped working

    Hi, I have a Rampage IV Black that has a built in bluetooth adapter by broadcom. Everything was working perfectly until for some reason my magic trackpad disappeared from the list of devices. I have tried everything I could think of to get it to work again, but without any luck. When I...