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  1. pecck

    Installed new Gigabyte Z77-DS3H - help

    I've had a perfectly working build running with my outdated Gigabyte H55-USB3 and i5-650. I just bought a Z77-DS3H mobo and i7-3770. Forgive my ignorance, but I thought I could just swap out the motherboards and CPUs, plug everything in and let it run. I had a kernel panic. Do I need to...
  2. pecck

    Gigabyte H55-USB3 LAN doesn't work

    I just finished a fresh install of ML, everything went smoothly and I didn't need any flags. Now I'm using Multibeast 5.3.1, I downloaded DSDT-GA-H55-USB3-F7.aml and moved it onto my desktop. I checked only two items, UserDSDT and under Network the Realtek - AppleRTL8169. I also did a...
  3. pecck

    H55-USB3 fresh install spinning wheel

    This is a fresh install. I've downloaded ML from the AppStore, used the latest UniBeast for ML. GA-H55-USB3 i5 650 8GB Ram Crucial SSD 64GB plugged into SATA3 (blue) Nothing else is plugged in. I boot into the gray apple screen and get a continuous spinning wheel, not a rainbow. I...
  4. pecck

    Powerful for ripping BluRays, no gaming need

    I've done a build before, but more on the basic side. I'm looking for some advice for my specific needs on a new build. I need a fast machine for using Handbrake with Blurays, lots of storage (6 TB would be ideal), and I have a SDD that I can use for the OS. I don't plan to have this hooked...
  5. pecck

    Select Installer and get reboot

    I created my 8GB partition, used xMove which installed without any errors. Rebooted using my iBoot disk, selected Installer and my computer would simply reboot. I search around on this forum and couldn't find a similar case.
  6. pecck

    HB Question

    I was a PC user up until I moved over to the Hackintosh. When I would run HB on my PC encoding a BluRay to the iPad setting and adding AC3 passthru It would generally take 3-4 hours. Now with my hackintosh and using the HB64 version it takes about 5 hours. I also noticed that it shows in my...
  7. pecck

    HDMI Audio with GT 430

    I'm on 10.6.8, I've installed the official nvidia drivers and my video is perfect. Audio on the other hand isn't working. I've tried the ALC8xxHDA with AppleHDA Rollback, that gave me a Digital out option in audio but no sound. I then tried the VoodooHDA 0.2.1, that lost my Digital out option...
  8. pecck

    How do I fill my TV screen

    I have a GT 430 plugged into my TV via HDMI through my receiver. How do I go about using the entire screen? When I go to Monitors I don't seem to have any options, except for 1024 x 768.
  9. pecck

    Ironic, new build Tonymacx86 freezes

    Ok, so I just finished my new build and hooked it up to the internet for the first time. First place I go is to this great site, only problem is I get that little spinning rainbow wheel and end up having to force quite safari. I find this very ironic, anyone else find the humer in it? Any...
  10. pecck

    OSX and Windows 7 dual boot stuck on Chameleon

    I just finished installing Windows 7 on my Hackintosh. When my machine boots up to Chameleon I only have Windows NTFS or F8 to enter startup options. If I let it run out of time it flashes a bit then goes right back to the same screen. If I hit F8 I get to choose from OSX or Windows NTFS...
  11. pecck

    boot0: error

    I'm going out of my mind, I've tried so many different solutions and all to no avail. It seems no matter what I do I get the following error when I try to boot for the first time after running MultiBeast. boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0...
  12. pecck

    Neither "Install Failed" or "Install Successful"

    Do I need to be concerned that when I install SL my computer will reboot to "Loading Operating System" without getting the final "Failed" or "Success" install? When I reboot with iBoot I can start SL, but I'm having some problems installing MultiBeast. Thanks.
  13. pecck

    HTPC Video Card Recommendation

    I've come to the determination that my Radeon HD 4670 isn't going to work. I'm going to go out and buy a new video card today and am looking for a recommendation. What I already have to work with is an i5-650 and GA-H55-USB3. The final build will be used as a HTPC, and will be using HDMI to...
  14. pecck

    White screen after install

    GA-H55-USB3 i5-650 Radeon HD 4670 2TB WD Green 2x2GB AData Used iBoot Legacy with -x. Created a 50MB partition using the correct parameters. Started install, when I have about 10 minutes left to the install my computer will reboot and all I get is "Loading Operating System..." I restart the...
  15. pecck

    1st build - will my parts work?

    Before I jump into this with both feet, I wanted to ask first if what I have will work. H55-USB3 i5-650 Radeon HD 4670 Thanks a bunch. This site rocks, I'm very excited to have my hackintosh up and running.