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  1. anhminh3105

    need help for installing drivers, booting without clover usb and dealing with the scamble log in scr

    Hi! I just got my laptop installed the Mac OS X Yosemite and looks like I got all the problems that I've red in some installation guide threads around the forum. First of all, I got the scramble screen when it log in to mac desktop (it also happens when I go to the app launcher menu). Then I had...
  2. anhminh3105

    advice for installing mac os x yosemite on asus notebook g551jk

    Hi! I just migrated to the windows PC from an old macbook pro. With the lower price I decided to buy the PC instead of upgrating one of this year macbook series and also because of its better hardware. However, I still prefer working on macintosh, because I've already got used to it, so I'm...