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  1. SgtRoswell

    Where is RehabMan?

    Where did he go?
  2. SgtRoswell

    Dell 7559 - Bios 1.2.7 Update !

    Well I did the BIOS update to 1.2.7 amid intel critical exploit fix and tried to login to mac to re-patch DSDT but whang!! The hack no longer works ! It is stuck at the first two lines of the boot something about...
  3. SgtRoswell

    [solved] Dell 7559 High Sierra - ACPI Error Post Installation

    Hey Rehabman ! Here I come again after sometime. Well I installed successfully using your usb installation guide on my laptop #2 (specs in signature). Installed successfully however whenever I try to put patched DSDT to clover/patched, I get ACPI error. Something about XDSM namespace along...
  4. SgtRoswell

    Dell 7559 Bios Update 1.2

    Has anyone tried it yet? We need to re-patch the DSDT right? Not sure if its worth the update.... Fixes &...
  5. SgtRoswell

    Optical Bay Caddy - Clicking sound

    I am sorry as this is not related to Mac at all but I'd like to use the knowledge and experience of this community. I replaced main HDD with SSD and put HDD with caddy in optical bay in my probook as many others have done. Everything works great until I heard a clicking sound (called clicks of...
  6. SgtRoswell

    Prebook 4540s - El Capitan Audio and Battery

    Here I go again after a long time. Well I clean installed El Capitan on my new SSD on 4540s. Followed the new Guide and I believe I must have done something wrong that everything else works well but no audio and no battery status. @RehabMan kindly need your assistance in this :) Note that on...
  7. SgtRoswell

    HP 450 G3

    Its not a question about compatibility with El Capitan as I'm aware from the guide that its still experimental. However few questions, 1. Has anyone here done that already? 2. What about changing wireless BCM4535 from my existing 4540s? I somewhere read that 450 G3 has only one antenna? Can...
  8. SgtRoswell

    4540s crashed ! (not related to mac)

    My 4540s crashed last week! Was using it normally and suddenly powered off. Tried everything from EC Reset to re assemble but none worked. Battery light is keep blinking (already search HP forum, seems to be a common with HP) I guess I had a lemon. :think:
  9. SgtRoswell

    1080p 4540s Color Profile Original

    I updated my screen 1080ps AUO17ED however struggling with color profile. I don't like the reddish screen so I was wondering if anyone could provide me 1366x786 original profile which I'm used to. Anyone with normal screen for 4540s can you please provide me your original windows color profile...
  10. SgtRoswell

    Clover and forced Christmas theme

    Title says it all, my theme in config.plist was overridden to Christmas theme and I read on 1st Jan, it will be new year theme. I now deleted all themes except the one I want. Its not at all a good idea to enforce your stuff. From last year insanelymac thread says it was a bug...could have been...
  11. SgtRoswell

    HP UEFI Tools - A handy tool for ProBook/EliteBook

    I just happened to look at this hp tool for diagnosing uefi environment. Seems pretty handy to me, you can diagnose basic hardware component such as audio,processor, harddrive test, seemless bios update/rollback (more safe n secure way than doing it from windows) Download it from here. It has...
  12. SgtRoswell

    Clover and Windows 7 Sound?

    It can sound very awkward and stupid however worth asking. Whenever I come from Yosemite to my windows 7, there is no sound! I have to disable the sound device from device manager and enable it to work. If I keep using windows 7 i.e. restart from win7 and boot to win7 it is fine. As soon as I...
  13. SgtRoswell

    Migrate from Chameleon to Clover - I know..

    I know this has been discussed many times and there are also guides available. I have checked numerous links and guides on this forum as well as insanelymac however I am still not comfortable doing it. The main reason is because I really don't want to mess up my existing partition/data at all...
  14. SgtRoswell

    HWMonitor Thermal Zone?

    I just noticed today that HW Monitor now has few more entries as "Thermal Zone" and one of the zone is red making me think that its above the threshold. Whats that? Screen shot attached.
  15. SgtRoswell

    xcode 5.0.2 + iOS Simulator 6.1 Issue on Mavericks

    The iOS development forums seem dead so im posting it here for more audience. Please read Has anyone having the same problem on Mavericks?
  16. SgtRoswell

    xcode 5.0.2 + iOS Simulator 6.1 Issue on Mavericks

    Please read Has anyone having the same problem on Mavericks?
  17. SgtRoswell

    HP Probook 4540s Choice of WIFI Adapter "MAVERICKS COMPATIBLE ONLY"

    You may want to look at RehabMan's FAQ for HP Probook or read this Based on that thread, I ordered this for my 4540s...