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  1. a361445613

    Is it necessary to use ACPI patch in config if equipped with whatevergreen?

    According to, when using Whatevergreen as GPU solution, following clover ACPI patches should be disabled or removed: Change/Rename GFX0 to IGPU Change/Rename PEG0 to GFX0 Change/Rename HECI to IMEI But in...
  2. a361445613

    Confusion about Whatevergreen usage

    It is a common sense that we must use Whatevergreen and Lilu to patch Intel Graphics Framebuffer on macOS Mojave or greater. So, the primitive way that old patches use must be transmitted to Whatevergreen-powered way right now, like DVMT patches, connector patches, and so on. When using new...
  3. a361445613

    Cannot output HDMI @ 2K

    Shown above, I cannot use HDMI display @ 2K. My Graphics Card is HD5500(Mobile). But I am confused if it is the high resolution of the monitor that results in the failure, or HDMI itself is broken. Problem Reporting file is attached. BTW...Though this picture depicts the success under Mojave, I...
  4. a361445613

    Built-in display issue on MACHENIKE Laptop

    Recently I installed macOS Mojave 18A391 on MACHENIKE Laptop, whose main hardwares are listed below: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz with Intel HD Graphics 530 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530 with Nvidia GTX 950M (disabled) Audio: ALC269 @ Realtek HDA(Layout id=2) Networking...
  5. a361445613

    KextsToPatch migration to Whatevergreen.kext

    My Graphics Card is Intel HD Graphics HD5500. When I upgrade my system to Mojave, I got a DVMT kp and solved it like the first example in this guide with all KextsToPatch disabled: But I found I...