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  1. Pixelmentor

    Dua-GPU on Asus Strix z270f

    I currently have a Nvidia GTX1070 installed which is not supported by osx. No I'm wondering, since I can install multiple gpus on my Asus strix z270f motherboard, if I can use a second, mac-compatible gpu for osx and if I boot on windows it'll use the Nvidia GTX1070? Cheers Marin
  2. Pixelmentor

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 on Sierra?

    Has anyone been able to install a graphics driver for an EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 on OsX Sierra?
  3. Pixelmentor

    [Solved] Ethernet on Asus Strix Z270?

    Does anyone know how I can install a driver for Ethernet on an Asus Strix Z270 on Sierra?
  4. Pixelmentor

    Mac Installation no Drives shown!

    Hey guys! I was just setting up a new built computer with the intention to install OsX on it as well. Now this problem came up: I made it until the disk utility program where I wanted to select the drive to install OsX on, format it and finish the installation. Before that I had no problems...