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  1. giftmusic

    step by step guide for the Skylake 7960X and Asus Deluxe X299?

    Does anyone have a updated step by step simple guide to install High Sierra on i9 Skylake X 7960x with an Asus x299 Deluxe motherboard? I found a great guide but a lot of the information is outdated. Maybe a video tutorial? Thanks...
  2. giftmusic

    Software app is not authorizing wont connect to port HELP!

    HI have a hackintosh running 10.6.5 and I am trying to register a software app called Keymap Pro by Redmatica and I cant get it to work. Here is the details: The software authorizes with a user center app. This app tries to connect to port 1237 and when it cant connect it tries port 7175 then...