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  1. rossi1959

    Cooling the Cube

    After modding the cube myself, and witnessing other builds on this site, I note that they all have a major limiting factor, well two really. Cooling and power reserves. I think I have a fairly simple fix for the cooling that wouldn't look too garish and can be attached to the cube in a way that...
  2. rossi1959

    G4 + G5 = A G4 Cube in a Modded G5 Case

    Fitting a G4 Cube's Internal Cage into a Modified G5 Case. I am going to take my time on this one, so please feel free to suggest your thoughts on this build. I have spent some hours trying it this way, and that way, before I start cutting. Here's one that is on a Japanese site, but it...
  3. rossi1959

    G4 Cube with Z77n-wifi,i3 3225

    This is my G4 build, running ML & Win7 in a G4 Cube with the cube's original touch sensor switch all working perfectly. See more posts and photo's below. Hardware...