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  1. Carlox97

    [solved] Broken Windows’ battery status after High Sierra 10.13.1 install on HP laptop

    Battery (non-removable) has a fixed percentage (99%), which turns into a fixed 0% after the first automatic shutdown from low battery (which occured when the battery percentage was still 99%): If AC was plugged “0% Plugged but not charing” was displayed in Windows and laptop did not boot...
  2. Carlox97

    Unable to reduce/edit i7-7700k Max Turbo Frequency

    Hi, I have installed macOS 10.13 High Sierra (clean install) on my PC and @RehabMan Kexts to monitor temperatures and other stuff with HWMonitor. I'd like to avoid the processor to reach 4.4GHz in order to reach a maximum of 4.1 GHz, but I'm unable to do it! I tried the following: Disable Intel...