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  1. GDS

    Window Server Service only ran for 0 seconds

    hello all maybe a dumb question: i have the same problem of "Window Server Service only ran for 0 seconds" and I have DUAL GPU but not an intel/Nvidia (it is not a laptop) i have 2 titan X on a X99-dlx II should it work?
  2. GDS

    Maxwell / Pascal conglomerate compatibility possible with webdriver?

    hello All so tricky question, i have 2 TITAN X Maxwell: they runs perfectly I have a great proposal for a TITAN Xp (second hand) in rendering, I know tons of example (under Windows) of people who can run 2 video cards (different generation) perfectly (maxwell/pascal) and CUDA is used the...
  3. GDS

    X99 advices for "The Beast of Power" on El Capitan

    Hello All long time that i didn't post (2010 i think) but now it is time to come back in THE game :) So before buying i will love to have some advices cause x99 is pretty new for me and have some expectations (that are maybe different from global users) also i will not use W$ 10 (only maybe to...
  4. GDS

    Impossible to start darwinX86_64 during install :(

    hi all here it is my pb i have a gigabyte x58A UD7 with bios F3 (but tried with many other bios) a processor: 980X a gainward 9800GT 1Gb 2Gb G skills 16000 Ripjaws So when i install the bootloader (i tried with chameleon or many others) i obtain the grey screen (which is normal) but when i...