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  1. sheriff

    Unable to boot except in safe boot - Help with NVidia FX380

    Unable to boot except in safe boot - GA-B75M-D3H on 10.8.2 Hi, I am building a mountain lion box using a similar build to this one: Moarfish's build - GA-B75M-D3H i5 3570K Unfortunately I did not pay attention to the CPU specs and purchased an i5 3470 which does not have HD4000 graphics, it...
  2. sheriff

    Another G5 Case Mod, with some useful resources

    Hi All, I am not an Apple fanboi, or a Mac Expert by any stretch of the imagination. I have a MacBook Pro which is undoubtedly the best laptop I have ever owned, but I am a massive Linux fan and find OSX too restrictive for me. That said, I consider OSX to be the best commercial operating...
  3. sheriff

    Info on G5 Fans

    Hi All, this is my first post on the forum. I picked up a PowerMac G5 cheap from work which they were getting rid of. It looks SWEET and works perfectly but is pretty much useless to me as I mainly use Linux, and have only owned a mac for about 12 months, so I don't have a use for a "classic"...