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  1. sherlocks

    USB 3.0 question

    i'm considering to buy sandy bridge laptop with usb 3.0 i hope use snow leopard. but selled sandy bridge laptop doesn't have intel usb 3.0 controller. probook too. seems to have NEC/RENESAS USB3 Controller ASMedia Technology Inc., ASM1042A USB 3.0 Host Controller texas instrument usb 3.0...
  2. sherlocks

    for skylake user, if use 0x12345678 when install

    hello i need to test something. some users can't change DVMT value in BIOS. os need to use 0x12345678 when install. if without it, you will get panic here is test file. just put these files in 10.12 folder and no input 0x12345678 value. just use your ig-platformid like you use sierra i just...
  3. sherlocks

    latest ACPIBatteryManager.kext has bug

    I installed Sierra 10.2.2 in Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140. And i installed kext file and checked bug step by step If i installed ACPIBatteryManager.kext, brightness higher and lower repeatly happen about 10 sec loop. When get login windows brightness higher like restart before. But after some...
  4. sherlocks

    [Fix] Skylake menu bar glitch fix

    hello glitch fix for skylake hd520, 530 here is fix file. you have to copy AddProperties from fix file in config.plist i think users of only dvmt 32mb can fix white menubar in el capitan. i want to know it thanks to Pike @ Alpha 16.11.03 UPDATE. remove device-colors value(wrong location)...
  5. sherlocks

    codec commander for 10.6

    codec commander good kext for eapd. i found codec commander in 10.6.8 clover inject kext log S/L/E install kext log i think codec commander inject not work in clover in snow leopard i use dummyhda for applehda in 10.6.8 thanks in advanced
  6. sherlocks

    Clover Install Snow Leopard Tips(SandyBridge)

    Hello Users to want install snow leopard. My System is sandybridge i5-2450m. first, you have to take a 10.6.7(Sandybridge support) then you place nullcpu.kex in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.6 and boot(without cache option). after all setting done, update 10.6.8 combo. and reboot. use boot(without...
  7. sherlocks

    [solved] ACPI error

    My dsdt can use 10.7~10.11 But i installed 10.6.8 And boot snow leopard "Unable to find driver for this platform:/"ACPI/"~~~" Why happen? My config dont have dsdt and ssdt option. Add1) i edit only one to original dsdt. Then i put in patched folder. Reboot still acpi error. As result, if i...
  8. sherlocks

    [solved] Acer V3 372 574S Battery Problem

    hello. i patched battery in dsdt. but i have a problem. loop log above i attached files about battery with before and after and patch file and info and pic and ioreg and log i followed manual i...
  9. sherlocks

    Skylake HD 520 artifacts or glitch problems.

    no edit default dvmt 128mb windows video adapter -> i can pass dvmt problem in OS X then i can install and enjoy OS X i experienced hd 520 artifacts in 10.11.5 in uefi boot status bar artifacts in legacy boot all screen artifact and glitch if want to fix problems above, first i have to...
  10. sherlocks

    Acer Skylake laptop clover problem

    Hello. I try to install el capitan in acer v3 372 model I make clover bootloader usb plug usb. Then always show Continue Select language Boot manager Device manager Boot maintainance manager What is my problem? I cant see clover bootloader With select hdd or usb or installer I use legacy...
  11. sherlocks

    codec commander issue.

    hello. i used latest codec commander. i always thank rehabman. my system audio alc270 all patched good i added alc270 profile codec commander profile is same like alc269vb i report some issue. i played movie in movist if i keep playing music or youtube or video, go sleep...
  12. sherlocks

    please lapic fix 10.7.4 kernel

    my hp notebook need to lapic fix 10.7.4 kernel(cpus=1) i dont search it :crazy: maybe do 4530s need to lapic fix kernel(cpus=1)? i dont speak english very well sorry :cry:
  13. sherlocks

    can hp probook 4530s use LCD brightness?

    hi i use hp 430 i5 2450m + hd 3000 i configed dsdt by hp probook 4530s it is lithe same. so if can use LCD Bright in HP Probook 4530s, my hp 430 will use it? i'm sorry i don;t speak english very well. now adapt to configed dsdt in hp 430 but don't use LCD Bright.... attached my dsdt. have...