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  1. DanvZ

    Mojave on M.2 SSD MSI 170 motherboard and Vega 56 graphics card

    Hello After I had brought a M.2 SSD under Sierra to run, I tried this now a year later as a new installation with Mojave. During the installation I manage to start the installation on the M.2, but the reboot doesn't work anymore. Has anyone already managed that? Maybe the error is also in the...
  2. DanvZ

    MacPro new Processor?

    I own a Mac Pro 2008 and its works fine. Last year I already installed a New Graphic card & a SSD In it and that made it a bit faster but not fast enough as I was expecting. I use my Mac mostly for Photo Editing and Gaming. I would like to buy a new faster Mac Pro but as you all know it’s a bit...