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  1. berry64

    Battery Consumption issue in Mojave

    Thanks for the reply, I actually only have one intel gpu. The bigger problem that I am experiencing now is that when I put my laptop to sleep and put it in my bag for some reason it gets really hot and starts burning battery really fast, any thoughts to that?
  2. berry64

    Battery Consumption issue in Mojave

    Hello, I have installed Mojave of my Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB, and I patched power management as per guide by @RehabMan . However, the power consumption (especially in sleep) drops much higher than usual(on windows) yet I couldn't find what's wrong. Any ideas? debug files attached.
  3. berry64

    WIP: Lenovo Yoga 720 13 81C3 (HELP REQ: Turbo boost)

    Thanks for the guide! I have installed Mojave on my Yoga 720 too :D However, I have the i7 version and for some reason even when the computer is in sleep it still generates a lot of heat(inside my bag), I'm assuming its idle cpu frequency problem, any solutions?
  4. berry64

    Solved > Lenovo Yoga I2C Trackpad does not work

    oops my bad, works perfectly now :) Thanks
  5. berry64

    Solved > Lenovo Yoga I2C Trackpad does not work

    yea, so I didn't use it. They said it was optional too, I used the patch for my cpu but I2C still doesn't work
  6. berry64

    Solved > Lenovo Yoga I2C Trackpad does not work

    so I didn't apply the Skylake patch, anything wrong?
  7. berry64

    Solved > Lenovo Yoga I2C Trackpad does not work

    Computer Specs: Lenovo Yoga 720 13'' CPU: i7-8550U GPU: HD620 @ 1920x1080 RAM: 8GB Trackpad: I2C HID @ I2C0.TPAD Touchscreen: I2C HID @ I2C1.TPNL I Followed the GPI0 setup as the one on voodoo i2c page, I cannot apply the Skylake patch(throws a bunch of errors about object not accessible), here...
  8. berry64

    Sleep power issues

    Sometime ago I downgraded from Mojave to High Sierra for Nvidia graphics card, re-did all kexts, renaming, and ACPi patches as old one won't even load. However, My hack does not seem to have minor power management issues under normal operation(Generate plugin type = 1 with and without HWP all...
  9. berry64

    [Guide] Native Power Management for Laptops

    Hey, I have followed the guide on both clover installation and native PM, however my laptop still consumes lots of battery when sleeping. I am using HWP, with the xcpm_idle enabled and PluginType=1. any ideas why?
  10. berry64

    Kernel Panic on waking from sleep

    Hey, I have been getting KPs whenever i try to wake my 10.13.6 hack from sleep. KP report: Anonymous UUID: 96040B66-F9C6-A71A-91CF-035601E92866 Sat May 4 09:55:17 2019 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800ff87f6f): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f92923964, type 14=page fault...
  11. berry64

    Success - HP Elitebook 840 G1

    though I have a different setup but my computer had a similar issue, check ur console app logs they usually have something to say. Mine was because flash(idk why it used flash) could not find proper GPU pipe and was fixed by redirecting flash to the proper gpu
  12. berry64

    [Problem] kp on sleep

    Edit fri may 3: just realized posted on wrong form :shifty:, should be high-sierra forum, can't move myself though :( On my newly installed High Sierra, it seems to me that I can't put my hack to sleep. I followed the guide on patching battery status and setting CPUs, and the power management...
  13. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    Thanks! Fixed USB now, but the problem still exists: LED(maybe even motherboard) still in sleep mode even after awaken from sleep, heres the new debug.
  14. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    really really sorry, uploaded wrong :( here is it fixed (Lilu found)
  15. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    new debug files, kp only happens occasionally tho
  16. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    installed lilu to /L/E, thanks! idk about the sleep bug (only happens occasionally) but the LED(or system bios state) bug is still not fixed tho :( any thoughts?
  17. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    Lilu is just in CLOVER kexts should i install in both?
  18. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    report: s UUID: 69F23714-1CA1-4433-B56A-8783C688A9E0 Stackshot Reason: Sleep transition timed out after 180 seconds while entering darkwake on way to sleep. Suspected bundle: Thread 0x58b0. Failure code:: 0x856629d0 00000031...
  19. berry64

    MacOS Mojave Airdrop not able to recieve

    Hi, I am running macOS mojave on my X1 Carbon. I switched to a BCM94352Z card and wifi&bluetooth works perfectly fine, but airdrop does not seem to be working In my airdrops panel, i can see other devices perfectly fine and also drop things to another device perfectly fine(authentic apple...
  20. berry64

    KP/Crash on Mojave

    Hi, after having to reformat my drive because I was dumb enough to turn on Filevault, I installed macOS Mojave However, the new system crashes sometimes(no definite pattern, sometimes it runs for hours before crashing sometimes right after log-in) here is the report: any ideas why?