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  1. intrus22

    Yosemite BIOS Reset and Sleep/Hibernate issues

    I got my system running fine with 3D Acceleration and all, just need a bit of help with the two final items. - BIOS resets when i reboot system - If i leave system on for a while and Sleep mode kicks in, the screens don't turn back on. Any idea what the solution for those two are? I...
  2. intrus22

    EVGA 750TI 2GB Wont let me in USB Yosemite Installer

    I just installed my new EVGA GTX 750TI 2GB FTW and it freezes at the same spot every time (while loading the installer). I tried resetting BIOSand reconfiguring it as stated in tony's guide but nothing. It freezes before the progress bar even reaches the apple logo. I attempted...
  3. intrus22

    Chimera bootloader install not functioning

    I've been having a hard time with the bootloader, its not working when i attempt to install to disk. I previously had a 1TB HD and the bootloader will give me error 0 at system startup, i followed the steps required via the terminal in Utility at install time but that resulted in the same...
  4. intrus22

    MSI R9 270 on GA-P55M-UD2, Any known working configuration?

    I've read a couple of articles and it seems that its possible to get these cards to run even with tri display support and hardware acceleration, but was not able to find anyone here with a successful setup, at least not via my searches and browsing around the forums. Anyone got the above...
  5. intrus22

    Sony PSP ModNation Racers BETA/DEMO Voucher Code.

    Hey guys, I just got this in my e-mail and i don't have a PSP so i'm unable to use it. Maybe one of you guys would make more use of this, or your son/daughter :P For more info on this game go check it out at: Enjoy! :thumbup: :wave...
  6. intrus22

    New Forums :) Thanks!

    Hey tony and crew - congrats on the addition of Laptops and New projects ;) :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  7. intrus22

    New iPhone?

    Check this out ;) :clap: Not sure if its even true but it looks legit.
  8. intrus22

    C++ Programming question.

    Ok, this is driving me nuts, i don't see what i'm doing wrong.. I uploaded code to a pastebin for easy access and that way u guys can see the syntax highlighting. :) :banghead:
  9. intrus22

    New Core i5/i7 Macbook Pros.

    I just noticed that Apple released their new line of Macbook Pro's. Core i5 and Core i7 with GeForce GT 330M :) Soo pricey!!!
  10. intrus22

    Core i5 750 Overclocking yields low scores.

    Hey guys, I got 10.6.3 and when i try over-clocking i get low 4000's on geekbench and if i go back to stock 2.67ghz, 1333mhz ram i get 7750 average score on geekbench. I over-clocked using Profile1 on my BIOS, which sets core to 2.87ghz and Memory to 1600mhz and i get low 4300's on Geekbench...
  11. intrus22

    Objective-C Programmers - Question.

    Hey guys, I'm having a little problem here, i'm new to objective-c and crap that language is overwhelming. Anyways, heres what's going on, hopefully someone can light the tunnel for me here. In termnial i execute this command: makehybrid -o ImageTest.iso /Users/Intrus/Desktop/newiso/ -iso...
  12. intrus22

    10.6.3 Update Benchmarks.

    Ok so i updated to 10.6.3 and nothing fancy... I did a couple of benchmarks with Geekbench 64bit, Cinebench and loaded up OpenGL Extension Viewer, what i got was basically same as before. Cinebench OpenGL Test hit 26.20 FPS; 1 Frame higher than my previous test on 10.6.2. The CPU gave me the...
  13. intrus22

    Snow Leopard 10.6.3 is Out!!

    Check it out HAHA!!!! 751mb! Thanks lectrcman for giving out the great news in the chatroom :)
  14. intrus22

    Badass Dashboard, showing love ;)

    C'mon guys, post your dashboard ;) also let me know of any good useful widgets if any.
  15. intrus22

    Creating Themes for the Chameleon Bootloader

    I found this, i thought some of you would be interested. ... 388.0.html I downloaded a theme i liked and customized it a bit for myself lol ;) take a look.
  16. intrus22

    Core i5 Temp over 53c... Is this normal?

    Allright, I need some help here guys. I've noticed my system cpu fan (i think) keeps on going up in a speed then slowing down, up and down, up and down. Im downloading using Crossover app, it allows me to run my fav "nzb" software - Grabit. Anyways, my temps are hitting 58c!! when it shows...
  17. intrus22

    Top Wallpapers! Post your fav.

    Add your favorite wallpaper/s :) Here's where i get most of them from, i like that it allows you to sort by resolution. and another good one is :thumbup:
  18. intrus22

    Software Development

    I think a Software Development section would be nice? - iPhone Programming - Objective-C - C/C++ - Dashboard Development Just ideas but overall a "Programming" forum would be nice! :idea:
  19. intrus22

    OpenCL Testing on Snow leopard 10.6.2 32bit

    I was looking around for some good OpenCL benchmark tools, i found this. OpenCL Benchmark Tool: -Two folders included (Apple Sources and nVidia Sources) -Most are console applications so to run it read the text file included in the folder. -Inside Apple Sources we got: OpenCL Galaxies &...
  20. intrus22

    nvidia CUDA on SnowLeopard 10.6.2 32bit

    I went on nVidia's website and downloaded the Snow Leopard CUDA Drivers, they seem to have installed perfectly fine. For those of you who don't know what CUDA is, heres an nVidia link with information: Here's a more in-depth article, pretty...