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  1. Gymnae

    [Solved] H370 10.13.4 - Sleep now works

    I'm build a new hack based on some new components: Gigabyte H370 D3H Rev. 1.0 Bios F2 Intel i5 8400 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 16 GB RAM w/o XMP profile MacOS 10.13.4 incl. security patch Thanks to Clover and the chosen Hardware, getting the basics right wasn't really complicated. I have a...
  2. Gymnae

    [REQ] DSDT for Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 Mavericks - with hdmi gpu audio & sleep

    Dear tonymacx86 community, I had great success with the awesome guides so far. My setup is running nearly perfect OOTB - what a difference to hackintosh back in 2009 and 2010, where I set-up some unproductive machines. Painful and not stable My current specs are: CPU: Core i5 3470 GPU: AMD...