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  1. Novito

    Some bugs due to graphic card configuration?

    Hi, I have being running my new hackintosh for three weeks and I have detected few bugs I am not sure how to solve them due to my lack of experiencie. I do not know what guide should I follow. Power Management: my computer does not shut down or reboot properly, I have to force it holding the...
  2. Novito

    [Solved] i5-8400 High Sierra 10.13.6 | Flickering & Graphic Acceleration

    Hi, I have been working in my first hackintosh during these last days. It is almost done but I have a lot of flickering and my graphic card is not working properly (I would say the graphic acceleration is the problem). I could not fix it yet. I have been reading a lot of post, guides, watching...
  3. Novito

    [Solved] First Hackintosh almost done. Last step -> help graphics settings please

    Hi there, I'm creating my first hackintosh. I have been following your guide (link)but I got some problems with the post-instalation. 1. Booting I cannot boot the S.O (High Sierra 10.13.6) from my hard drive. It just works if I select boot from the USB and then "Boot from Disco", my hard...