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  1. bnd555

    I have Ruined my Macbook Air

    I tried installing 10.12 to an external hard disk through MBA with Flash drive. 1) I inserted Unibeast Flash Drive to MBA 2) USB Hard disk to another port. 3) Selected Flash Drive for boot up and installed 10.12 on USB HDD 4) On restart selected newly installed USB HDD (EFI HDD) 5) Macbook air...
  2. bnd555

    6800k X99 Buying advice Needed.

    First of all Thanks to Tonymac for my first build X58a UD7, i7 920, HD5770. Which has worked for 6 years flawless. Time to upgrade, help and advise appreciated. I know X99 chipset is not supported by Apple needs lot of tweaking and work around. I am assuming its worth taking the trouble for 6...
  3. bnd555

    Sapphire HD 5770, giving problems after 6 years.

    Hi, I have a solid system working since 2011 and finally got some trouble with graphic card 'Sapphire HD 5770'. Some times screen freezes or goes to blue. I have changed the slots, cleaned card, cleaned mother board but still problem persists. After a lot of struggle I discovered some...