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  1. darukaru

    [Solved] Passive DP -> HDMI cable issues

    While I was setting up my new system I had it connected through the HDMI port on my GTX 970 without problems. When I moved it into the place of my old machine and connected it to two monitors, using passive DP -> HDMI cables, I got a rather unpleasant surprise: the boot process was normal until...
  2. darukaru

    Clover overwriting VCore settings?

    I've been running my current setup since 10.6 in 2010, using the iMac 11,1 system definition with Chameleon/Chimera. GA-P55A-UD4P board, i5-750 overclocked to 3.2GHz with turbo enabled. I'm using the edited DSDT for this board downloaded from this site. I decided to try a Clover installation...
  3. darukaru

    "Legacy USB Support" in UniBeast 1.5 for ML: which motherboards need it?

    The description for this option in UniBeast says "Choose this option to rollback USB for LGA 1156 motherboards that don't enable Rate Matching Hub in BIOS." Is there a list of motherboards that need this option to be checked? Are all Gigabyte boards affected? Does anything particularly bad...