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  1. kamalaggi

    Help with clean install.

    Hi, My Asus Z170 motherboard died on desktop 1 and I replaced it with the Asus Z270 motherboard. Now im trying to clean install Sierra but keep getting stuck with this error (see picture). Any ideas on how to fix it? I can post my clover folder tomorrow when im at home if needed. I have 3...
  2. kamalaggi

    Apple wireless keyboard and mouse

    Hi, Im looking to get the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse. If I hooked up the lightning charging cable to the USB port on my pc could I use the keyboard as a regular keyboard to access the bios and navigate the clover menus etc or is this not possible? Thanks
  3. kamalaggi

    reloc block: no

    Hi, Everything is working fine but i'm getting reloc block: no at bootup on desktop 1. Can I just leave it as it is or will this cause any problems in the future?. I've attached my clover folder. Thanks
  4. kamalaggi

    Audio Problems

    Hi See Desktop 1 for specs. Basically I have 2 HDMI ports and my graphics card and have 2 monitors connected. I can Only get Audio from one of the HDMI ports. In system properties / sound if I select monitor 1 I hear audio and if I select monitor 2 I hear no audio. If I swap the HDMI cables...
  5. kamalaggi

    [SOLVED] Graphics Problem

    Hi, I've reinstalled Sierra to a bigger hard drive and am now getting a scrambled display once Sierra has booted. Everything was working fine before I did a clean install. See desktop 1 in my signature for specs. Any ideas guys? Thanks.
  6. kamalaggi

    gigabyte gc-wb867d-i pci-e wifi/bluetooth card

    HI, I have the gigabyte gc-wb867d-i pcie wifi/bluetooth card. Is there anyway to get the Bluetooth working on my Sierra Hackintosh? I'm not bothered about the wifi. Thanks[
  7. kamalaggi

    Display problems

    Hi, Im having problems with my display(Desktop 1). I just installed Sierra and installed the Nvidia web drivers. If I use nv_disable=1 I get Gigabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti 0 MB in about this Mac. If I use nvda_drv=1 I get a garbled display(see picture below). If I hold power button for a few...
  8. kamalaggi

    ASUS Z97-A Motherboard UEFI Problems

    Hi, I've copied my clover folder to the EFI partition but there isn't a option the the ASUS UEFI bios utilty to add clover to the boot options. Anyone have any ideas. If I install clover in legacy mode will I encounter any problems because my Windows installation is in UEFI mode. Thanks.
  9. kamalaggi

    Clover's config.plist not loading

    Hi, I have a problem where the config.plist is not loading from the EFI partion on my hard drive. It boots fine from USB Stick. Ive even copied the clover files from the USB Stick to the EFI partiton but no luck. I only see the windows partition and the generic clover theme if I boot from Hard...
  10. kamalaggi

    Sierra GM Install problems

    Hi, I'm having trouble installing Sierra GM Version on my Dell XPS 15 9550 Laptop. I get to the first part of the installer and it's installing sierra but when it reboots it won't continue to the user name etc screen. The installer starts again from the start and the hard drive where i...
  11. kamalaggi

    [SOLVED] Audio problems

    Hi, I'm running Sierra Gm version on my Dell XPS 8300 Desktop. Problem is I can't get the audio to work. I have the right kexts installed. Please see attached screenshot
  12. kamalaggi

    Display Problems

    Hi, My Laptop is the dell xps 15 9550 model with the Skylake 6700k processor and the intel HD 530 integrated graphics. I've installed El Capitan successfully dual booting with windows 10 and clover but I have 1 problem. Everytime I boot it boots to a dim flickering display. I have to press the...