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  1. CrasHumble

    ThunderBolt Hot-Swap on GIGABYTE Z77X-UP4/5 TH!

    Will Hot-Swap ever be supported? Will it be something you can fix with a kext? Anyone know how to fix that ThunderBolt Devices turn off after sleep? It should work since it's the same Cactus Ridge controller in the MacBook Pro Retina. (Or Should'nt it?) I will be willing to pay if someone can...
  2. CrasHumble

    Easier MultiBeast!

    I think MultiBeast should be like this: You choose your MotherBoard from a drop-down list. You choose your CPU from a drop-down list. You choose your GPU from a drop-down list. Then it should do the rest. BTW: The GigaByte UP4 TH will you add support for it in the new MultiBeast the USB...
  3. CrasHumble

    Planning to buy some parts! | I could need some help/advice!

    Hi! I'm going to build my first Hackintosh. It's going to be running Mountain Lion. I've been thinking of buying the parts that are listed here: Intel i7 3770K 1155-Socket CPU XFX Radeon HD 6870 Dual Fan GPU Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16 Gb @ 1600 MHz CL9 RAM Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4...