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  1. x015381

    Issue installing Mojave on ASROCK B360itx/AC - fail during APFS conversion

    I'm getting crazy. Everytime I'm trying to start a fresh Mojave installation it fails again and again at the exact same point. 2 Minutes before the first reboot, it crashes with the following error message: "disk22s1 is not convertible to APFS: You may not install to this volume because it can...
  2. x015381

    USB 3.0 SSDT for ASROCK B360 ITX/AC Mainboard

    Hi community, I've created my first SSDT today with great support of the posting of RehabMan. If you have this board and want your 6 external USB 3.0 Ports working, this might be helpful for you.
  3. x015381

    [Solved] Problem with automatic reboot at shutdown

    Confirmed. It fixed it. CloverConfigurator does not add the *0004. Do it like in this post and it works right away. Thank you very much!
  4. x015381

    USB Audio Interface not working (Apogee One for iPad & Mac)

    sure - you are right. I have additionally tried following: On the same hackintosh, I have booted with a linux live USB stick with LUBUNTU to check out if the audio device gets powered. And it does. So a power setting in BIOS cannot be the reason. It must be some kind of USB function in High...
  5. x015381

    USB Audio Interface not working (Apogee One for iPad & Mac)

    I did this of course before opening that post
  6. x015381

    USB Audio Interface not working (Apogee One for iPad & Mac)

    Hi there, I've installed High Sierra and everything is working (also all USB ports) except my Audio device isn't recognised. I also have a Soundblaster Katana. It works absolutely fine. It's just the Apogee Audio Interface that isn't recognized at all :(. That the Audio Interface is working...
  7. x015381

    got imessage running Gygabyte h170n-wifi (finally)!

    Got it all running on my Skylake Gygabyte h170n Board - after months trying now also imessage by today by doing something a little bit differnt (trying around). However, this works now finally: Log out from iCloud in the system settings open a terminal session and execute "defaults write...
  8. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    I've installed anything described as of amullder's guide and everything works great except that when it is going to standby for a very long time, the monitor does not show anything anymore. Also after switching the monitor off/on there's nothing going. Only a hard restart helps. When the machine...
  9. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    -> System Settings / Energy Saver / -> put it on the very right side to "Never"
  10. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    Hi Hackintoshers out there, I've got pretty much this configuration but unfortunately, it doesn't wake up the screen when it goes to "standby". Is there any way how to fix it? When I switch Energy Savings fully off, there's no problem. However, it should be possible to wake it up after moving...
  11. x015381

    Help BCM43526 Netgear A6200 OS X Mavericks

    -> and download MT7612U. Rest is self explaining. gl!
  12. x015381

    macOS 10.12.1 Update

    Yes, everything works perfectly (at least for my HW). Just follow Ammulder's guide ->
  13. x015381

    macOS 10.12.1 Update

    Just moved back to El Capitan and everything works perfectly. Also HD530 and rest. Not worth upgrading to Sierra now - at least as not everything is ensured to run smoothly.
  14. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    Yesssssss!!!! got it all working now. I just changed the HDMI port on the H170N-Wifi and boooooooooooommmmm!!!! All finally working. Thank you so much for your support and also a big freaking special super Thank You to AMULLDER. You guys rock!
  15. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    I did before, but uninstalled it. Reading your post you brought me to the idea reinstalling it to "rescale" - however, I did not work so I uninstalled it again. Any further idea how to use full size is very welcome.
  16. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    Thank you - I managed to get 3440x1440 now by following ammulder's guide (without the way you described above). However, It does not scale to the full "real estate" I have on the monitor. Above and Below are is about 1 inch left while on the right and left side, it is about 2 inches each. Any...
  17. x015381

    [Guide] El Capitan on the Skylake H170N-WIFI

    Hi, My setup with hd530 is running so far but unfortunately I only get 1080p resolution max on my asus rog 34" monitor. Z170n wifi board has only hdmi. How can I set the resolution to native 3440x1440? - OS is latest El Capitan. Thank you
  18. x015381

    Who installed Yosemite successfully on a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH?

    Hi Guys Got it fully running now! First i suffered under the USB problem -> no devices reacting - but after trying to switch ports with mouse and keyboard endlessly, I got it running some times. However, after rebooting the same USB ports did not work and I had to switch back and forth until...
  19. x015381

    Apple Event October 16th with Retina iMacs, iPads, OS X Yosemite and more

    Does SLI even work on Hackintoshes? Thought not, but not sure.
  20. x015381

    C-States and P-States activation of Multibeast 6.5 -> Kernel Panic on Z97X Motherboard

    any answers? Thanks very much in advance