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  1. Khalid

    X1 Carbon 3rd Gen - EM7345 WWAN - High Sierra

    Hello, I have got Sierra Wireless EM7345 and installed into X1 Carbon 3rd Generation using High Sierra 10.13.6 but I am unable to get it working. I have renamed CellPhoneHelper.kext in /S/L/E to CellPhoneHelper.kext.bak and moved to /L/E after editing and tried after rebuilding cache but no...
  2. Khalid

    DW1560 Wifi Not Working on X1 Carbon 3rd Generation

    Hello, I have got DW1560 yesterday and installed into my machine. I am using High Sierra 10.13.6 and MacBookAir7,2 SMBIOS. I have tried all available methods and patches but couldn't get Wifi working. BT is working properly. Note: I got Wifi working momentarily on two instances but it was for...