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  1. berry64

    Battery Consumption issue in Mojave

    Hello, I have installed Mojave of my Lenovo Yoga 730-13IKB, and I patched power management as per guide by @RehabMan . However, the power consumption (especially in sleep) drops much higher than usual(on windows) yet I couldn't find what's wrong. Any ideas? debug files attached.
  2. berry64

    Solved > Lenovo Yoga I2C Trackpad does not work

    Computer Specs: Lenovo Yoga 720 13'' CPU: i7-8550U GPU: HD620 @ 1920x1080 RAM: 8GB Trackpad: I2C HID @ I2C0.TPAD Touchscreen: I2C HID @ I2C1.TPNL I Followed the GPI0 setup as the one on voodoo i2c page, I cannot apply the Skylake patch(throws a bunch of errors about object not accessible), here...
  3. berry64

    Sleep power issues

    Sometime ago I downgraded from Mojave to High Sierra for Nvidia graphics card, re-did all kexts, renaming, and ACPi patches as old one won't even load. However, My hack does not seem to have minor power management issues under normal operation(Generate plugin type = 1 with and without HWP all...
  4. berry64

    Kernel Panic on waking from sleep

    Hey, I have been getting KPs whenever i try to wake my 10.13.6 hack from sleep. KP report: Anonymous UUID: 96040B66-F9C6-A71A-91CF-035601E92866 Sat May 4 09:55:17 2019 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff800ff87f6f): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f92923964, type 14=page fault...
  5. berry64

    [Problem] kp on sleep

    Edit fri may 3: just realized posted on wrong form :shifty:, should be high-sierra forum, can't move myself though :( On my newly installed High Sierra, it seems to me that I can't put my hack to sleep. I followed the guide on patching battery status and setting CPUs, and the power management...
  6. berry64

    Occasional crash on sleep

    report: s UUID: 69F23714-1CA1-4433-B56A-8783C688A9E0 Stackshot Reason: Sleep transition timed out after 180 seconds while entering darkwake on way to sleep. Suspected bundle: Thread 0x58b0. Failure code:: 0x856629d0 00000031...
  7. berry64

    MacOS Mojave Airdrop not able to recieve

    Hi, I am running macOS mojave on my X1 Carbon. I switched to a BCM94352Z card and wifi&bluetooth works perfectly fine, but airdrop does not seem to be working In my airdrops panel, i can see other devices perfectly fine and also drop things to another device perfectly fine(authentic apple...
  8. berry64

    KP/Crash on Mojave

    Hi, after having to reformat my drive because I was dumb enough to turn on Filevault, I installed macOS Mojave However, the new system crashes sometimes(no definite pattern, sometimes it runs for hours before crashing sometimes right after log-in) here is the report: any ideas why?
  9. berry64

    Macos error: -67050 Spam need help

    Security d seems to be spamming a lot in the message as follow: though it says it is apple-signing issue, so i suspected it to have something to do with the SMBios and board id settings. However, even after changes(done offline) and made sure my serial number is valid and...
  10. berry64

    [Guide] Read/Write NTFS on High Sierra

    Disclaimer: The procedures documented in this tutorial may result in Data loss and I will not be responsible for any of the data loss. You have been warned. Proceed at your own risk. The Problem: I am running dual system (win10 and macOS 10.13.6) on my X1 Carbon 2017 (5th gen), two systems are...
  11. berry64

    [Solved] can't wake from sleep reboot gives panic report

    I am running High Sierra 13.6 on X1 Carbon 5th gen (2017) I have already tried using the native cpu pwr management in this post but things don't seem be working... problems in detail: - sleep from idle or top left corner or close lid - if try to wake up immediately everything is fine(lid...