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  1. atshoom

    [success] High Sierra 10.13 Clover | GA-Z68x-UD3H-B3 (v1.0) | 2600K | GTX 560 Ti

    1) use Unibeast v8.0.0 to make the boot-install stick. 2) do the usual BIOS settings 3) boot from boot disk 4) install on jHFS+ disk. 6) run Sierra Multibeast with - "Realtek ALC889" (for audio) - "Inject NVIDIA" (To enable HW acceleration and Metal) still needed - something for Ethernet...
  2. atshoom

    Clone my El Capitan install to an existing fusion drive partition

    Hi, I cannot find the information anywhere but I have a fusion drive with Mavericks installed and I have my El Capitan clean install(on a separate HDD) that I'm using since October. I would like to replace my Mavericks volume by my El Cap one to have it on fusion drive. any idea how to do...
  3. atshoom

    [Success] GA-Z97X-UD3H v1.0 (bios F7) / i7 4790K / GTX770 / 16GB DDR3 / 10.9.4

    This is for GA-Z97X-UD3H v.1.0 (tested with BIOS F7) + Intel Core i7 4970K + GeForce GTX 770 (Asus 2048 MB) GeekBench scores : Single Core = 3994 Multi Core = 15698 ————————————— Prerequirements : A) Create OS installer : 1) Download...