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  1. mainkaunhoon

    [Guide] MSI GE72 7RD Apache - Mojave 10.14.5

    First of all, big shout to to @RehabMan and everyone else involved with the amazing project here. Also @e12350, whose topic inspired and helped me to try Mojave on my setup on which I had previously installed High Sierra here. I have to say this time around, the setup was much easier and without...
  2. mainkaunhoon

    CustoMacMini that will simply work

    I am looking to change from Windows to OS X. I was thinking about buying a late 2012 Mac Mini Server edition, which are available from 500-600 USD and it will simply work out of the box without any worries of it breaking in future updates or anything like that. I also have an option of creating...
  3. mainkaunhoon

    MSI GE72 7RD Apache (Intel Graphics Help please)

    First of all, thank you so so much everyone involved in supporting this forum... The Graphics issue is solved. I simply rebuild the cache AFTER booting with the fake IG id, a step I did not do earlier. On to the next step: Enable Audio and disabling Nvidia. Mods, please remove "Intel Graphics...