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  1. federiang

    Brightness low after boot

    Hi! I've a little problem with my brightness on yosemite installed in a lenovo z500.After boot it is setted to zero. I've installed acpibacklight and all the patches for my dsdt...everything works well except this brighness works well and the keyboard keys are working but when i boot...
  2. federiang

    Help to clean my config.plist in Clover

    Hi...dear RehabMan in an old post you says that i have some "strange" graphic patches in my clover config list....what i'd like to do is to "clean" my config list...can you have a look on it and says me what i must add or remove??? the only ones that i have insert are that one that can solve the...
  3. federiang

    Question about screen notification after an action

    Hi...i have a question for you!!! In a real mac, what keys or action shows a notification on the screen??? For example, if i press brightness keys, it appears a "sun" with the level slider...if i press the volume it appear a speaker...what are the other keys that shows notification? thanks
  4. federiang

    Usb speed issues to solve

    Hi...i've already post something about usb issues in other threads about other problems but i've not solved this issues,than i've choose to open a specific thread. I've a lenovo z500 and i have some speed issues with my usb ports. I've made a test with an usb 2.0 kingston keys and this is the...
  5. federiang

    Advice about usb wifi adapter for Yosemite

    Can someone give me some advices about an usb wifi adapter that will work with yosemite? I'm searching for a cheaper usb adapter, but everything i've read and seen is for earlier versions of mac osx...please let me know! thanks
  6. federiang

    My boot seems to be slow...what can i check to fix it?

    Hi i've seen that my boot seems to be a little slow...what's your boot time? i've clover in dual boot with microsoft 8.1....since i've installed clover my windows 8.1 boot faster, but yosemite seems slow...what can this be related?
  7. federiang

    BUG in process suhelperd in console.log my console log i've seen that i've a lot of big like this, with various number in it...i also thing that this make my boot slow...can anyone explain me this and tell me something to fix it? BUG in process suhelperd[232]: over-released legacy external boost assertions (1 total, 1...
  8. federiang

    Checklist of "to do" for a perfect installation!

    I want to ask you something...i've already installed Yosemite in my laptop and i've fixed a lot of it "seems" near the perfection...but who can say this? What i'd like to find is a CheckList where i can verify other things to check and fix...if it doesn't exist, why we don't...
  9. federiang

    Opinion about my geekbench result

    Hi...i've succesfully made my Hackintosh installing yosemite on my lenovo z500 and fixing all the problem (only wifi card is not compatible)...i've made a geekbench you think that is a good value? let me know your opinion:
  10. federiang

    Sleep problem and power button not working

    Hi...i need some help with sleep and wake for my lenovo my actual situation if i select "stop" from apple menu on the left, it seems to sleep, but after some second it look like if it shut down and after it wake up...if i try to press something to wake it, it wake but it doesn't ask me...
  11. federiang

    Unable to boot - Invalid Siblink and after Invalid Number of thread records

    Hi i've installed yosemite on my laptop and everything works fine...i've not touched any kext or ssdt or dsdt, nothing...but when i have rebooted my laptop i can't enter in show "invalid siblink" and after try to repair the disk but it is not be able to repair (after 3 times it...
  12. federiang

    Help with kext installation and config.plist with Clover

    Hi...i've already made a working configuration for my laptop. I was using Mavericks and Chameleon bootloader and after a lot of work i've find (and made) all the kext and the patch that i need. Now i've installed Yosemite and i'm using Clover because i need the dual boot in EFI with Windows...
  13. federiang

    Problem with clover installation

    Hi! I've successfully installed yosemite in my laptop (where i have windows 8.1 booting with uefi) following this guide: and i've reached the yosemite desktop without problem. Now i...
  14. federiang

    Some issues to solve on Lenovo Z500

    Hi to all... I'm new to this world, but i've successfully installed iOs Maverick on my Lenovo Z500. But my dream is to have a fully working system!!! It boot fast and is stable, and after i'll have solved those things i'd like to post what kext i've installed and my Dsdt and Ssdt and my...