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  1. jaysedai

    Soundflower/Remotix Asus Z390 Help

    We are building a high end hackintosh that's going to be controlled remotely much of the time. It's an Asus ROG Strix Z390-I, 9900K, and we have everything including audio (S1220A) working great, though I do need to select Internal Speakers to get audio out (green output). When controlling this...
  2. jaysedai

    MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 4k-200

    I need an ultra powerful portable hackintosh video editing computer (+ VR in Windows). This fits the bill perfectly, GTX1080, i7-6820HK, 4K screen, 64GB RAM, Thunderbolt 3. Somebody please take the dive and get it working. :) Yes, I realize it's 9 lbs, but I'm not planning on using it on my lap...
  3. jaysedai

    Going from GM1 to release version

    I know we weren't supposed to talk about the developer previews of Mavericks, and I didn't (for the record, I have a legit developer account). But now that it's out I have a question that is related to the developer releases... I initially installed Mavericks DP4 on my Hack (Z77x-UP5 TH)...