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  1. yoshisakan

    Bluetooth no longer working

    Hey all, Bluetooth has stopped working with my apple mouse and keyboard. It worked without problems for like a year. Bluetooth still says enabled and I have deleted all the plist files in preferences, although they automatically create additional ones every few seconds. I am using this card...
  2. yoshisakan

    Intel Bluetooth Working Natively

    Hey all, I just removed my old SSDT patched usb dsl files after losing some of my USB ports at random. Upon reboot with the new usbinjectall.kext, I see that my apple magic keyboard is connected wirelessly!? Bluetooth wasnt working in high sierra and now it appears to be working natively? Was...
  3. yoshisakan

    AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi - Hangs on boot

    Hey all, In the name of stability, I am looking to figure out how to fix this. About 20% of the time I power on my PC and get a red error message saying "Device error returned from: AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi". Can anyone tell me what this driver does exactly and what could be occurring? Other...
  4. yoshisakan

    Suddenly boots to black screen

    Hey all, I was making some config.plist edits cleaning up "un-needed" patches and low and behond, I can no longer boot into osx. I tried my backup plists and no luck. I think i'm making it to the login screen possible because when I hit enter I hear the same sound as logging in with an...
  5. yoshisakan

    [Solved] Suddenly no graphics?

    This problem was fixed by replacing all kexts from a backup.
  6. yoshisakan

    Sleep mode - Won't fully sleep nor wake

    Hey all, I have a z370 Gigabyte motherboard, Radeon Vega graphics card, and High Sierra. When I choose sleep from the Apple menu, my monitor will shut off, but my system continues to run at the same speed, fans and lights on, etc. Hitting a button on the keyboard won't wake the machine back up...