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  1. diddl14

    Beats 1 not playing in iTunes

    I've succesfully updated to 10.10.4 and latest iTunes. Apple Music streaming trial works. Only thing not playing is Beats 1 Radio. It's working fine on my MacBook Air, just not on my desktop. Can anyone confirm that Beats 1 is working on their hackingtosh? Thx
  2. diddl14

    GA-Z87MX-D3H / HD4600 iGP - No video after 10.9.4 update

    I've got dual screen setup on DP and DVI, working fine with 10.9.3. After the upgrade to 10.9.4, the system booted ok but both screens remained black. Reverting to the 10.9.3 AppleIntelFramebufferAzul.kext restored video but without QI/QE.. Anyone else faced this issue or has a tip how to...