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  1. nightalon

    [Solved] Asus VivoPC X A80CJ (GTX 1060) Refuses to Boot 10.12.5 via Clover

    VivoPC X Image by nightalon posted May 18, 2017 at 12:38 AM Hi everyone, I thought this new, compact, nifty $800 system with GTX 1060 and Core i5 might make a great single-board, GPU-enabled hackintosh. It turns out I was far. Hardware Challenges: Case does not simply snap open...
  2. nightalon

    Acer Timeline 3830TG Install Guide

    OK, here's what worked for me: (I may have made my life more difficult by using the latest BIOS 1.05: I could never successfully boot the second disk/USB media) 1. Switch to iGPU only mode in BIOS (Optimus is only supported in Win7 and in Linux via Ironhide, silly) 2. Swap out crappy Atheros...