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  1. x015381

    Issue installing Mojave on ASROCK B360itx/AC - fail during APFS conversion

    I'm getting crazy. Everytime I'm trying to start a fresh Mojave installation it fails again and again at the exact same point. 2 Minutes before the first reboot, it crashes with the following error message: "disk22s1 is not convertible to APFS: You may not install to this volume because it can...
  2. x015381

    USB 3.0 SSDT for ASROCK B360 ITX/AC Mainboard

    Hi community, I've created my first SSDT today with great support of the posting of RehabMan. If you have this board and want your 6 external USB 3.0 Ports working, this might be helpful for you.
  3. x015381

    USB Audio Interface not working (Apogee One for iPad & Mac)

    Hi there, I've installed High Sierra and everything is working (also all USB ports) except my Audio device isn't recognised. I also have a Soundblaster Katana. It works absolutely fine. It's just the Apogee Audio Interface that isn't recognized at all :(. That the Audio Interface is working...
  4. x015381

    got imessage running Gygabyte h170n-wifi (finally)!

    Got it all running on my Skylake Gygabyte h170n Board - after months trying now also imessage by today by doing something a little bit differnt (trying around). However, this works now finally: Log out from iCloud in the system settings open a terminal session and execute "defaults write...
  5. x015381

    C-States and P-States activation of Multibeast 6.5 -> Kernel Panic on Z97X Motherboard

    Dear Hackintosh Community I have already built several Hackintoshes, but this one really took me a lot of patience until I got it finally running. However, I'm still wonder because of the following: Setup: MB: CPU...