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  1. conradportelli

    hdmi audio on 6850 in lion

    hey there everyone i finally found the right frame buffer to use with my sapphire radeon HD 6850 in lion and got my hdmi out working the only thing left is to get audio pass through on the hdmi i use a gigabyte p67x-ud3-b3 with F4 bios is it possible the motherboard doesnt support it ? :crazy...
  2. conradportelli

    Lion on ga-p67x-ud3-b3 working almost 100 percent

    hey there guys i got my current setup no problems except one im using a radeon hd 6850 and my hdmi does not want to work i havnt tried much cuzz on my last attemp it kp'd and i had to start all over again from snow leopard so im trying to avoid that also if anyone knows a sure fire way of...