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  1. Heats

    Windows Build Unibeast or Clover USB?

    Is there any way to build a usb boot drive in Windows for Unibeast/Clover? My mac drives are no longer booting.
  2. Heats

    Build/Repair OS X boot drives/volumes from Windows 8.1?

    Long story short, I had a dual boot Hack with Yosemite on 2 SSD RAID0 config and then Windows 8.1 on a separate SSD. OS X is no longer booting, and my USB drives can't help me as I don't have a working Intel Mac to recreate Unibeast or Clover on. How can I get Mac going again without a Mac?
  3. Heats

    Realtek 898 and 192khz via optical out

    I have no graphics card so I can't use HDMI audio, but hoping for higher output via optical. Any suggestions?
  4. Heats

    Jumbo MTU Packets

    Does anyone know if/how to enable Jumbo packets? My old 2010 Mac Mini let me customize the packet size up to 9000 bytes, but my Hackintosh only allows 1500. I'd love to be able open the throttle.
  5. Heats

    Noctua NH-D15, Fan Speeds, and Fake SMC

    Last night I installed Noctua's NH-D15 to replace the stock Intel CPU fan along with two of their 140mm case fans. Installation was a breeze, and it fits my case and the cut-outs for the RAM slots are genius. I noticed at first that my fan speed was quite loud, even after reducing the speed to...
  6. Heats

    HDMI and Pioneer VSX-520 Receiver

    Newbie here. Have a GA-Z87X-UD3H and a Haswell i5 4670K now running 10.8.5 (12F30). I have this Hack as well as a 2010 C2D Mac Mini connected to my TV via a Pioneer VSX-520 receiver. I can't get HDMI audio to work on the hack yet, even with 10.8.4. The Mac Mini recognizes the receiver's model...