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  1. yoshisakan

    Bluetooth no longer working

    Hey all, Bluetooth has stopped working with my apple mouse and keyboard. It worked without problems for like a year. Bluetooth still says enabled and I have deleted all the plist files in preferences, although they automatically create additional ones every few seconds. I am using this card...
  2. yoshisakan

    Laptop Compatibility with MSI G65 Stealth Pro

    Did you ever get this working? I am considering the same laptop but need to run MacOS on it.
  3. yoshisakan

    Intel Bluetooth Working Natively

    Was this also the case in High Sierra? Perhaps it was being initialized due to bad kexts or dsl config.
  4. yoshisakan

    Intel Bluetooth Working Natively

    Hey all, I just removed my old SSDT patched usb dsl files after losing some of my USB ports at random. Upon reboot with the new usbinjectall.kext, I see that my apple magic keyboard is connected wirelessly!? Bluetooth wasnt working in high sierra and now it appears to be working natively? Was...
  5. yoshisakan

    AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi - Hangs on boot

    Hey all, In the name of stability, I am looking to figure out how to fix this. About 20% of the time I power on my PC and get a red error message saying "Device error returned from: AppleKeyAggregator-64.efi". Can anyone tell me what this driver does exactly and what could be occurring? Other...
  6. yoshisakan

    Gigabyte GC Alpine Ridge rev 1.0 thunderbolt card - anyone got this to work????

    I had rev1 working, but it was tempermental. I don't use it anymore because I got tired of the inconsistency. I was just using it for an audio interface, and I ended up going usb instead.
  7. yoshisakan

    Suddenly boots to black screen

    After process of elimination, I have discovered that NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext is required in my deployment. I am using an AMD Vega, so I don't understand how, but without it I boot to a black screen.
  8. yoshisakan

    Suddenly boots to black screen

    I'm now able to boot back into osx. I removed all the drivers64UEFI and kexts and replaced with a backup. Not sure exactly what happened, possibly a corrupt file somewhere.
  9. yoshisakan

    Suddenly boots to black screen

    Hey all, I was making some config.plist edits cleaning up "un-needed" patches and low and behond, I can no longer boot into osx. I tried my backup plists and no luck. I think i'm making it to the login screen possible because when I hit enter I hear the same sound as logging in with an...
  10. yoshisakan

    [Solved] Suddenly no graphics?

    This problem was fixed by replacing all kexts from a backup.
  11. yoshisakan

    [Guide] USB power property injection for Sierra (and later)

    Wow!!! It only took me about 6 hours to get this working along with building the SSDT-UIAC file, but it was absolutely worth the time and patience! I like to use my iPad as an additional monitor and it was driving me insane having to disconnect and charge it every 6 hours with a power brick. I...
  12. yoshisakan

    Post your GFXBench Metal results

    I ran unigen valley to have another baseline. It's interesting that it says 256mb, but in system info it sees it as 8gb.
  13. yoshisakan

    Post your GFXBench Metal results

    It's a XFX rx design. I am using a ek fluid gaming aluminum block and 2 240mm radiators that cool the gpu and cpu. No fan fixes. Why do you ask, do my numbers look bad? FWIW, my monitor's native res is 4k, but i don't know what res these test are running at. I think my desktop res is like 2560.
  14. yoshisakan

    Post your GFXBench Metal results

    That was my experience also... Here are my results: i7 8700k @4.7ghz on all cores Vega 64 custom water block Not sure why the performance is horrible in the compare list. I wish we had some options/apps to view actual gpu performance, clockspeeds, temp, etc.
  15. yoshisakan

    What motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 work with a 8th generation i7-8700K processor

    Yes, if you read my post before that you’ll see the other method.
  16. yoshisakan

    What motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 work with a 8th generation i7-8700K processor

    What I do now is keep Thunderbolt-BootSupport disabled, and I boot into windows, the Focusrite comes online, then I reboot into OSX and it works. If I need to shut down I reboot and do it from Windows. Shutdown and Sleep seem to not be working correctly.
  17. yoshisakan

    What motherboards with Thunderbolt 3 work with a 8th generation i7-8700K processor

    I have a Focusrite Clarett 8preX working with my Gaming 5 z370. That being said, you have to enable T-bolt boot support in bios, reboot (at this point your focusrite will have a green light), then go back into bios and disable T-bolt boot support, reboot again and load into OSX. With t-bolt boot...
  18. yoshisakan

    Sleep mode - Won't fully sleep nor wake

    Hey all, I have a z370 Gigabyte motherboard, Radeon Vega graphics card, and High Sierra. When I choose sleep from the Apple menu, my monitor will shut off, but my system continues to run at the same speed, fans and lights on, etc. Hitting a button on the keyboard won't wake the machine back up...
  19. yoshisakan

    My new hackintosh restart after shut down

    Gigabyte z370 board here. Shutdown would actually reboot in OSX. Fix_Shutdown didn't work, but editing the clover config file in notepad and changing it to Fix_Shutdown_0004 fixed the problem. However my motherboard LEDs stay lit while shutdown, as well as my keyboard.
  20. yoshisakan

    macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management

    Is this compatible with coffee lake?