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  1. Sofronis

    Intel UHD Graphics 630 Overclocking

    Hey everyone, has anyone tried or managed to overclock Intel's IGPU under macOS? I tried with my 8700K and although the overclock is detected under windows, it doesn't work in macOS (i.e. always capped at the max turbo boost of 1.2Ghz). I also tried increasing the "BoostPState" multipliers in...
  2. Sofronis

    [Solved] Weird CPU/MB problems (8700K + Asus Prime Z370-A)

    Hi everyone, I've been having stability issues on High Sierra (10.13.4), with a 8700K + Asus Prime Z370-A. The main problem (which took a long time to pin down) seems to be with the CPU Voltage. If it's not manually set (through BIOS) at a fixed value, then the system will reboot as soon as...