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  1. suffering

    Sleep on lid close causing panic and reboot

    Sleep used to be 100% on this machine, but then i tried Catalina it was too much of a beta for me. I redid Mojave with a reformat, reinstalled the needed kexts in L/E, reusing the good working DSDT from before since the EFI partition wasnt touched. I noticed things were wonky because after...
  2. suffering

    Help me fix sleep issues

    So, sleep has ultimately been my #1 problem so far. I don't have proof, but I believe it to be related to why my got corrupted (ended up having to reformat). What happens is: When I press sleep from menu, or close lid, the screen will turn off and the machine will look to be...
  3. suffering

    kernel panic on upgrade

    Tried to upgrade from fully working Mojave installed. Updated lilu, whatevergreen, and clover. Getting this KP. Don't have access to macOS right now, but i did grab a zip of EFI from windows
  4. suffering

    HDMI Audio on HD520

    Cant seem to get HDMI audio working on HD520. Using WhateverGreen and set the right ig-platform-id i believe, but still no hdmi audio, and no options for it in sound. Using AppleALC.kext for the rest of my sound. What else do i need to do to get it working?
  5. suffering

    Drop CPU related SSDTs?

    So on my quest to try fixing Lid Wake, I was advised that I need my native CPU related SSDTs dropped. I analzyed my SSDTs and came up with <dict> <key>Signature</key> <string>SSDT</string> <key>TableId</key>...
  6. suffering

    Lid Wake

    So I realized lately that wake from sleep on lid open is something that is supposed to happen, but doesnt. My laptop will sleep when i close the lid, but to wake it from sleep i have to press the power button. Also, under About This Mac/System Report/Power there is no Wake on Clamshell Open...
  7. suffering

    Having troubles with AppleALC

    So, i had been using VoodooHDA and its been working, but I wanted to try changing to AppleALC. I deleted VoodooHDA.kext, made sure Layout-ID is 3 (Conextant CX20722), and have AppleALC.kext and Lilu.kext. MacOS is acting like it has an audio device, but its showing foreign characters and im...
  8. suffering

    Random restarts lately

    Changes ive made recently were disabling hibernation, per PM thread and moved all kexts to l/e, copy of essentials in clover/kexts/other. Previous to this, the laptop has been pretty solid. Can someone please look at my PR files and see if you can help identify what i did wrong?
  9. suffering

    Audio Issues

    Upgraded to Mojave, no sound. Updated to most recent AppleALC.kext and Lilu.kext in L/E/, injected layout 3 in config.plist for Conexant CX20722. Audio device shows, Mic works, volume can be turned up and down but not getting any sound from the speakers.
  10. suffering

    [solved] Trackpad is glitchy after sleep

    Dell Inspiron 11 3153. High Sierra 10.13.5 Everything is working great, aside from the trackpad. On a fresh boot, the trackpad works 100%, no issues whatsoever. After sleep and wakeup, the trackpad is fairly glitchy and wont follow my finger half the time or makes random clicks. The only...
  11. suffering

    [solved] Updated Lilu.kext lost audio

    Updated Lilu.kext to prepare for update from 10.13 to 10.13.3 and upon reboot audio stopped working. Help :-)
  12. suffering

    Update Considerations

    Currently on 10.13, what will I need to do (or redo) if i accept the update to 10.13.3?
  13. suffering

    Will wifi card from Lenovo work in a Dell?

    I know Lenovo whitelists cards and its a giant pita to either get the right card. But how about the other way around? Will a BCM94352z from a Lenovo Yoga work in a Dell Inspiron 11 3153? Dell shouldn't have a whitelist (never has in all the Dells ive worked with), but I was wanting to see if...
  14. suffering

    Inspiron 11 3153

    Have a majority of things working in Sierra. Working on battery meter now. Looking through the DSDT patches I don't see anything for this model or anything similar. Which patch would work best for the hardware I have?
  15. suffering

    XPS 13 L321X

    Have 3 different USB sticks with Clover and Yosemite, El Capitan, and Sierra on them that worked great with my old Inspiron N4110. This XPS tells me No Operating System found when trying to boot from USB to Clover to get to the installer. In BIOS I dont see any options for UEFI boot although i...
  16. suffering

    Anyway to bypass HM70 shutdown?

    So, since my laptop with an i7-2640m died Id like to get running again on another machine I have around the house. The processor itself is fine, but the motherboard has a ram socket issue (not the ram itself) so it wont even post. As such, I do have a Gateway NE56R41U laptop sitting around...
  17. suffering

    MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.7

    So Ive had my computer bugging me to install this update for some time now. Ive been avoiding it as im not sure of the implications on a non apple computer. Its assuming based on my smbios that its an early 2011 mbp. What should I prepare for if i let it install or should I just ignore it?
  18. suffering

    Any way to create recovery partition post install?

    So, from what I understood, with Clover and the createinstallmedia method, I should have had a recovery partition created when installing OSX. My partition structure was like this: Disk0s1: EFI 200m (or whatever it was) Disk0s2: El Capitan 300GB Disk0s3: Sierra 50GB Disk0s4: Windows 10...
  19. suffering

    Starting my 10.12 journey

    Following the steps from El Capitan, installing Sierra was a breeze except oddly enough I had to put the USB drive in the usb3 port. USB 2 did not want to work. Everything runs smooth except what's expected as far as installing kexts. Started with wifi, which I know now needs a patch to load...
  20. suffering

    Cant get to 10.11 installer

    Im fairly certain the problems I am having are due to Renesas USB 3.0 and 10.11, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to overcome it. Im fine not using USB3, and using the ports as 2.0 (if possible). The laptop has 3 usb ports, 2 USB3 and 1 USB2. Ive flashed a modified BIOS, and it...