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  1. Technotron

    Opinions? External GPU (Alienware Graphics Amplifier, PCI-Express)

    So, as we all know, external GPUs are the hottest thing right now (or so I hear) and TB3 seems to delivery sufficient bandwith to keep the experience fun in spite of some loss compared to sticking the card straight onto your PCIe slot. Enter the Alienware Graphics Amplifier. It uses a...
  2. Technotron

    AW 13 R3 - kernel panic updating from 10.12.2 to 10.12.3

    Neither Unibeast USB stick EFI partition nor SSD EFI partition will get me into 10.12.3 after the update. Both result in the errors seen in the first picture. I also attached the flags I am using, and yes - I've also tried -x just to be sure. Only a fresh install of 10.12.3 from the Unibeast...
  3. Technotron

    Samsung 960 Evo NVMe drive question

    In installed Sierra 10.12.2 on my Alienware 13 R3 as per on an external HDD to see if I could get it to work. After a lot of tinkering about I got everything to work, including sound, network etc. I then ordered a Samsung 960 Evo and installed the drive to my laptop. Made...
  4. Technotron

    Alienware R3 13 Ethernet Issues

    Guys I am trying to figure out why my Atheros E2200 Ethernet doesn't show up in Sierra 10.12.2 under Network, as I need to get en0 to work. Used Kext Utility for Atherose2200ethernet.kext 2.2, removed network devices under Network, deletes NetworkInterface.plist and preferences.plist, rebooted...
  5. Technotron

    Audio with ALC3266

    Hey guys, Haven't tried my hands at a Hackintosh build in a while and just put Sierra on my Alienware R3 13. Safe for onboard wifi and audio, everything seems to be working. Had a look through Multibeast and can't seem to find a viable driver for my onboard audio (ALC3266). Could someone point...