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  1. d0m1n0o

    DSDT, hackintosh, logic and music production

    Tried with my own DSDT on a samsung spinpoint (LINUX method) BUT: works better with non-dsdt system! PROBLEMS: 1- 10s time power on board after shutting down....not nice 2- BAD audio performance....playing in iTunes, many clicks while copying files or doing simple things. same behaviour...
  2. d0m1n0o

    Creating DSDT with LINUX (help)

    That means, deactivated devices on the board will probably NOT appear in the DSDT, right? anyway..its not a hard job to do it once in order to get a DSDT for the lifetime of the board/firmware THANKS!! :beachball:
  3. d0m1n0o

    Creating DSDT with LINUX (help)

    ok I created the DSDT of my M.board using UBUNTU BUT should USB 3, nerwork etc be activated in the BIOS to have it in the DSDT?? so..what I understood is that I can use this dsdt with multibeast, right???? if its that, its not difficult!! - people with strange boards like me, do it!! :thumbup:
  4. d0m1n0o

    ASUS 1156 Chipset motherboard DSDT files [OLD]

    Re: ASUS 1156 Chipset motherboard DSDT files Is there any hope for que P7P55D-E EVO version? :lol: I really dont need the USB 3 and SATA I think the EVO dsdt will work fine. not using any dsdt now!! everything works fine.. should I change the running systemmmm..? Its...
  5. d0m1n0o

    Help? error during image scan for recovery

    Hi i get an error scanning the images I made for restoring my system!!! now I have the system installed on a small 30 GB SSD partition too bad... more questions: i will install the backup" on the whole 40GB - not much more - of the ssd. can I install logic on another drive???? THANKs!
  6. d0m1n0o

    Multibeast install FAILED!!

    SOLVED! thanks sooo much Tonymac!!!!!!! Im getting the way this beast works :crazy: its so easy! but i didn noticed that I can use the grey boxes.. Now booting without DSDT, Original kernel installed and Nvidia 7200GS working properly.... MIDI usb hub, brand: phonic NOT working...seems...
  7. d0m1n0o

    Multibeast install FAILED!!

    no way to get it working....MULTIBEAST fails every time I try to install AH: started with 10.6.3 and upgraded to 10.6.4 (forgot to install MB before restart!!!!) all the rest is fine! :) Asus P7P55DE-EVO (the "E" is for usb 3, I think the rest is like the "without E" model konnekt 6 soundcard...