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  1. zeshanch

    Hackintosh automatically update and Broke!!

    Hi guys, I built an hackintosh with my HP 8300 sff and installed sierra on it and it was running well but last night it updated automatically. Then when it restrarted it shows some info in the screen and shut downs. Please help Im new to this!!. Regards
  2. zeshanch

    Wifi not working on mojave, hp 8300 sff

    I have just installed successfully mojave. This is my first build. Ethernet is working perfectly but wifi does not work. I have the TL-WN881ND wifi card. I have tried installing the IO80211Family and the AtherosWIFIInjector.kext but did not worked for me. How i can get working with this card...
  3. zeshanch

    Need Graphics Card Advice for Hp 8300 SFF

    Hi, Im new to Hackintosh and Im trying to make my first Hackintosh. I bought the HP 8300 sff i5 3470 8gb Ram with Intel 2500 Integrated Graphics. Then I tried to install mojave in it. I had some issues but i finally got installed. When I restarted the machine the screen gone completely black...