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  1. bungalow

    Multibeast 11 solved my Audio problem (ALC892)

    Since updating to Mojave 14.1, I had no sound from the ALC892 on the ASRock MB (setup as per sig). Running Multibeast 11 with the attached file solved it. I didn't need to do any Plist editing or injecting or selecting Layouts or Codecs. (I'm now a very happy bunny, listening to Jimi Hendrix...
  2. bungalow

    The track of the mouse is painting the screen

    Otherwise successful Mojave build (see spec in my sig below). I'm using the onboard Intel graphics of the ASRock Z370 and a cheapo USB mouse. On some webpages and some other instances, where the mouse has tracked changes colour in squares about the same size as the mouse pointer. Scrolling...
  3. bungalow

    [Solved] Cannot boot to Mojave post-Multibeast

    My setup is ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac with BIOS V3.20 SSD 250Gb I3 8350K Corsair 2x8Gb. I created a USB Drive with Unibeast v9. I reformated the SSD to AFPS in diskutil, as per installation guide. Mojave then installed OK and I was able to create a logon in Mojave. I ran Multibeast 10.4 and it...
  4. bungalow

    [Solved] Unibeast is stalled

    I'm running it on a newish MacBook Air, itself updated to Mojave. It gets to about 6.03Gb copied and then sits there and won't complete. The "Install" file in Applications is 6.01Gb. I'm using with a formatted 8Gb Sandisk Cruser. I have tried this several times with same result. Any thoughts?
  5. bungalow

    Clear enough for a NEW OSX installation, but what about an update...

    The Installation Guide says But what if I want to update a Yosemite Hackintosh (a Tonymac from 2014)? is it obvious when I get there? Thanks. Steve
  6. bungalow

    Having trouble getting Mojave from App Store

    I'm using my wife's new laptop to download Mojave. I have already updated the laptop to Mojave and now I want to download the full installer. But clicking GET on the AppStore, just tries to find and apply updates. Another post said that downloading Mojave onto a post-updated Mojave Mac...
  7. bungalow

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite build: MSI Z971 AC - i3 4330 - GTX 770

    Components as per signature. I had trouble with the installation, encountering the "Essentials.pkg" error. See my other posts for overcoming this problem. The build has been very stable. All my standard apps have installed with no probs: Word, Acrobat Pro. The only residual problem...
  8. bungalow

    Works right out of the box. Brilliant!

    Tony, Macman, Lnx2Mac take a bow! It works perfectly. By the time I had opened network options to configure the Ethernet, it had found my other macs in the house! Sound works through the mic socket on the front panel. I haven't checked the back panel yet. All USB ports bar one are working...