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  1. kDawg

    List of video cards that don't require injection?

    Has anyone compiled a list of graphics cards that don't require injection at all? i.e. (GraphicsEnabler=no) I have two Kepler cards that require no injection or use of Nvidia's alternate drivers. GTX 660Ti using a GK104 chip GT 640 using a GK107 chip Here's one thread speaking about the topic...
  2. kDawg

    FakeSMC v4 testing?

    Anyone tried the version 4.0 of FakeSMC with their respective plugins? ... st&p=11501
  3. kDawg

    CalDigit Vendor and device IDs?

    Does anyone know the device and vendor IDs for CalDigit's USB3 card? I want to try and bin patch their new driver v1.3.1
  4. kDawg

    USB3 and SATA6 support

    You think it would be possible to port the NEC D720200F1 and Marvell 9128 chips Gigabyte uses in it X58 mobos?