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  1. xzpjerry

    Report 100% success on 8470p with i7-3740qm + HD-4000

    I haven't changed many things except that I removed all 3rd party Kexts from /L/E and S/L/E and moved them into Clover's Kexts folder(showing in the picture). To enable Sidecar, I have to use the patch from And now, everything works.
  2. xzpjerry

    What should I prepare before upgrading the CPU?

    I was planning to upgrade my i5-3320m on my 8470p to i7-3740qm, and want to be familiarized with some procedures needed to perform before changing the current CPU. After doing some searching, I know I need to delete "ssdt.aml" file in CLOVER/patched/ first and generate a new one after the...
  3. xzpjerry

    [solved] USB3.0 ports can only detect USB3.0 devicces

    Hi, I'm using HP 8470p with 10.10.5 now since it is the last version of OSX that can sleep normally on my laptop. I followed the guide and everything else works perfectly. But the usb3.0(SS) ports cannot detect USB 2.0 devices now; when I connect any USB 2.0 devices, nothing happens. Considering...
  4. xzpjerry

    After upgrading to 10.12.4, some graphics problems

    My device: HP 8470P with AMD ONLY, BIOS setting: - Disable FastBoot - Native UEFI (Without CSM) - Disable LAN/WLAN Switching - Disable Direct I/O Virtualization - Disable Serial Port - HDD in AHCI mode - Disable Wake on USB/LAN/WLAN - Disable Intel Deep Sleep Clover: Latest 4035 What...
  5. xzpjerry

    Peculiar problem about HP 8470p with ASUS USB-AC51 @ Sierra

    Hi, this is my first post here. For a starter, I wanna say thank you to you guys. Thanks to, I finally installed Sierra on my laptop. I installed Sierra in conformity with ovflowd's Guide. Everything is fine now( although the caps lock always needs double click to change mode...