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  1. bobdude

    [SOLVED]: Random Trouble Booting - Occasional, but Regular Success

    I have through several iterations finally installed Sierra 10.12.3 on my Z77 Hackintosh. For full hardware specs, please visit my profile. I am currently running version 3994 Clover, and have iMessage running smoothly. The only problem is, at seemingly random times, I will boot and have this...
  2. bobdude

    Can't Update to Clover r3974 to do a Direct Update to Sierra

    I can't seem to upgrade to the new Clover (from 3599 to 3974) without getting an endless reboot. It seems to have a kernel crash (multiple ++++ error after 3 or 4 lines in verbose). I have a stable El Cap installation in 3599 with iMessage working and wish I could upgrade. I have tried all the...