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  1. cretans

    Clover won’t boot

    hi, I’m in High Sierra 10.13.6 and updated to latest clover 4586? Since then my hack won’t boot. Booting in verbose mode I took a picture and in hangs as you can see. Has anyone encountered anything like this? I can boot to my build through usb stick, I also tried to downgrade to previous...
  2. cretans

    Help me compile my Dsdt for Gigabyte Z170X-gaming 3

    Hi! I recently upgraded me bios to F20 which is a completely new one and that broke my previous DSDT. So I'm now on a course of compiling a new one. I have extracted original .aml files from clover (with the F4 key), decompiled with iasl and tried to compile with maciasl. I only used 2 patches...
  3. cretans

    GA-EP41-UD3L unibeast installation issues white screen

    Hi, I'm trying to update in Yosemite but I get stuck on white screen with progressing bar not so progressing! I left for more than 10 minutes but nothing happened there is no usb or hdd activity. I booted with -v -f GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1, any suggestions?