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  1. p5ld2vm

    Beach ball with most of Apple's apps

    I get the beach ball freezing apps like Textedit, iPhoto, iPages, Safari, ... I get stuck for about 90 seconds, then I can do a few things, until the beach ball reappears... very annoying and impossible to work! I do not get the spinning beach ball with apps like Chrome, Photoshop, or any...
  2. p5ld2vm

    GA-H97N-WIFI and Haswell, 2nd Gen: Not ready yet

    After more than a week or re-installing (did so about 20 times), trying to get my rig going, I've come to the conclusion that this board and CPU are just too new and will need people that can look at code (I can't) and figure out ways to run it as a hackintosh. I've tried the Uni/MultiBeast...
  3. p5ld2vm

    GA-H97N-WIFI with i5-4570 ---- Stuck

    Alright, Had a Hackintosh over 7 years ago. The updating was troublesome at that time, so I plunged and bought a MacBookPro. FastForward to 2014, I was looking at a Mac Mini to upgrade my MBP, but they are stuck in the past, spec-wise. So, for just a little less money than a Mini, I got...