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  1. pspracers

    MBA:White Screen after boot from Clover USB

    Hi, I accidentially bootet into macOS-Recovery from a clover USB. Bevore I wiped the main partition and the Bootcamp partition, because I wantet to sell it. The reoverypartition should be ok, as I didn't touch it at all, bevore I bootet from the Clover USB. Now I only get a white screen, i...
  2. pspracers

    Disable AMD Fury X GPU

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to disable my main GPU for Windows (AMD Fury X), because of better OSX support for the iGPU HD 530. Actually I use 3 FullHD monitors in Windows 10 for gaming, so I connected 2 of them with 2 DP-connectors and 1 monitor with HDMI. The 2 DP-monitors...